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The start of the Arab Spring and its repercussions on the region, in Syria in particular gave the utmost importance to the emergence of strategic centers to play its role to study the various forms of motivation, factors influencing its march in order to contribute in providing visions, perceptions that support the choices of the Syrian people, aspirations in freedom and justice as well as the security and safety of the region. Hence the idea of the Syrian Center for International Relations and Strategic Research emerged.

The Syrian Center for International Relations and Strategic Research builds its work on the mechanisms of research, scrutiny and specialized studies of the reality of the Syrian state in various political, economic and social fields with institutions and researches needed for having  sustainable development, and to find out what the Syrian present reality needs ideologically and intellectually.

The center relies on experts, researchers who are interested in the Syrian affairs and the region in general, those who have experience and actual practice, specializations on the scientific method in research, statistics and analysis. It also cooperates with centers that work in the same field,  putting forward a project of partnerships and cooperation with these institutions.

Through its relations, the center seeks to open new horizons with a new strategic depth for Syrian relations, in order to serve the sustainable and  scientific development to help Syria to reach the institutional work system and to be a free modern state.

Our Vision

A leading Syrian center in the field of international relations and strategic studies,serving the national project of a modern civil state.

Our Mission

In light of the rapid developments in the Middle East and the changing strategic and geopolitical relations, the Syrian Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies was established in the political capital of the European Union (Brussels) to provide a strategic perspective based on the highest scientific, administrative, intellectual and research standards.


The Center specializes in the development of its human resources through the development of their scientific ,practical abilities and knowledge to perform the compressive and diplomatic role, through training and qualification programs that use the latest scientific and technical means and methods applied globally, works on the preparation of reports, studies and research in the field of foreign policy and international cooperation In the decision-making process , having an influence through the centers international relations.


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